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99 WOWs—Words of Wisdom for Business—
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bites for new and seasoned
business professionals. Take a look!



Are you a recent graduate or professional eager to make your mark on the business or creative world?

Are you starting your own business?

Are you struggling to run a business—or run after it?

Do you want to be armed—now—with the business wisdom seasoned professionals & entrepreneurs learned the hard way?

99 CREATIVE WOWs—Words of Wisdom for Business is an ideal way to get inspired! 


Creativity in business demands courage.


After launching and leading three successful businesses, Randi Brill is thrilled to announce her latest venture, an inspirational quick-read book, 99 Creative WOWs—Words of Wisdom for Business that is ideal for those ready and eager to succeed NOW. Targeting recent graduates, young professionals, newly-minted entrepreneurs, business owners and creative thinkers, Randi offers succinct and memorable sound bites based on her personal, business and creative life as an entrepreneur. Over the years, she’s shared these 99 Creative WOWs with clients and employees. Now, she’s applied her design and business skills to create this easy-to-digest book so others can grasp, consume, and incorporate these WOWs in a quick, colorful and motivating way.



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Experience is a profound teacher. From experience, we learn what works, what doesn’t, what to repeat and what never to attempt again. We learn from mistakes, missteps and crash landings. As an entrepreneur, I’ve personally experienced every one of these instructional models—often.