Welcome to WOWs 

Ever the quick study, it only took creative serial entrepreneur, Randi Brill, three decades to master and distill her hard-won business expertise into 99 vivid and memorable wisdom-filled sound bites. Ideal for business professionals, recent grads and start-up entrepreneurs, 99 Creative WOWs—Words of Wisdom for Business is brimming with secrets to business success. Today’s urgent, competitive world means few can afford to spend decades gaining such homegrown wisdom. 99 Creative WOWs delivers a rapid-fire jump start for anyone eager to develop, enhance and confirm creative business expertise—FAST.

Check out this introduction from Randi below.

I was 14 years old when my mother introduced me to someone who asked me what I planned to BE when I grew up. According to my mother, I impatiently responded in a matter-of-fact tone that I was going to be in charge of something. 

While not much else went according to any of my other 14-year-old master plans, that part turned out to be true. I have been in charge of several “somethings” since then. As a creative entrepreneur, I color outside the lines—for a living.

I wrote my first sales order in crayon at 3. With $57 to my name, 22 years later I launched my first official business, Quarasan, in the basement of a four-room house. For over 30 years, I successfully grew that company into a dynamic educational product development firm, creating and producing top educational programs for the nation’s leading publishers. During that time and since, I have started—and stopped—multiple creative entities.

My formal education at Carnegie Mellon University ended with a BFA in Graphic Design. I was vaguely aware that CMU prepared its graduates to lead, not follow. My extended education began exactly where CMU prepared me to go—the leadership hot seat. 

The design education I received from CMU was an excellent foundation to run my first creative business, but it wasn’t enough. Until I did my post-graduate work at Randi’s Real-World University, majoring in Take Smart Risks with a double minor in Figure It Out and Gee, That Really Didn’t Work, I had little idea what it really takes to succeed in business. Today I do—and through this book, I’m delighted to share some of these discoveries with you. 

Experience is always a profound teacher. From experience, we learn what works, what doesn’t, what to repeat and what never to attempt again. We learn from mistakes, missteps and crash landings. As an entrepreneur, I’ve personally experienced every one of these instructional models—often. 

I would not trade one moment of my own professional journey, yet a multi-decade itinerary is no longer practical. In today’s briskly competitive world, new and seasoned business contributors, creatives and entrepreneurs need to gain wisdom—now. 

I’ve shaped my learning into these 99 colorful WOWs—Words of Wisdom—­­that provide a quick, visual jump start for other business and creative professionals.

Some WOWs may be new to you; consider how you might incorporate them into your work. Even an initial exposure can help avoid a surprise from the blind side. Other WOWs may be a familiar part of your business repertoire, reflecting your current expertise. By confirming the WOWs you know well, business confidence grows. Some WOWs might even spark you to disagree; that’s great, too. To succeed, business professionals form smart points of view while recognizing the importance of the views held by others.

WOWs fall into three primary categories: Business, Creative and Personal. Many overlap and relate to other categories. The dominant category is labeled in the bottom inside corner. WOWs are springboards for your interpretations and applications, not mine. They stand alone and work together. Different WOWs may appeal at different times. As business challenges and creative work demands change, so will the need for newly relevant WOWs. Begin exploring, discover favorites and create your own WOWs collection. Experience is a great teacher—firsthand and once removed. Infusing these WOWs can reduce the time you’ll need to spend in your real-world university.

Welcome to mine first.